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Mall 6 floor without supervision departments

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Mall 6 floor without supervision departments in violation of the provisions of the children's playground

As the weather has turned cold, many parents choose to take their children to the indoor children'samusement park to play. In December 22nd, Zhao Sanya people reflect, just before the opening of the Sanya Hong Kong and China Mall, 6 floor opened a children's amusement park, this was a clear violation of the relevant provisions of the state. "In accordance with the" architectural design code for fire protection ", a children's playground is not more than three layers or arranged on the four floor and above the floor or underground, semi basement?" Mr. Zhao was questioned, hope the relevant departments for investigation.

A parent with children playing at the amusement park

People reflect: Children's playground on the 6 floor of irregularities

December 22nd morning, the reporters came to the Sanya city is located in the commercial street inHong Kong and China Mall, the mall 6 floor to find a company called "Sanya snow bud sugaramusement park" children's playground, recreation park has a ball pool, slide, toy cars and otherten rides, many parents take their children to play in the field.

Aunt Zhang took the children playing in the amusement park told reporters, her family lived in thecommercial street, very close to the market, after the mall opened, she often bring their children toplay here. When asked about the fire channel Entertainment Park, Aunt Zhang said that in addition to the elevator, she did not know where the other fire channel.

"The store just opened in the near future, there should not be a fire?" Parents Mr. Zhao said, he also knows that the children's playground was built at the top, but the child is like this to play, he also can't.

Reporters at the scene learned, most accompanied by children playing in the amusement park of parents do not know the specific location of escape, once the accident, safety concern.

Mall management: amusement parks and shopping malls overall planning and approval

According to Mr. Zhao reflect the problem, Sanya Hong Kong and China City Business Management Co., the relevant responsible person said, in 2012, "Sanya snow bud sugar amusement park" and the Hong Kong and China mall with the planning and approval, fire permits the whole mall, but theamusement park did not separate license. "We also know about the fire regulations on children's playground building location, but the mall for time early, but the relevant provisions are just introduced last year."."

It is understood, "" code for fire protection design of buildings in early 2006 had been introduced.According to "standard" requirements, the fire resistance rating of one or two buildings in thenursery, kindergarten, children room and children amusement hall children's activities, should not exceed three layers or four layers and arranged in the building above the floor or underground,semi underground (in the room).

The reporter then visited Sanya City, Pearl Plaza, a department stores, found that many businesses are the children's Park, center set up in the mall 5 floor, there are security risks.

It is understood, most of the shops in the early approval, just submit drawings to the fire department. In the fire inspection, many businesses not yet settled, the fire department does not accurately determine exactly what each shop for business projects, but the fire department have the right to regulate in the business operation.

The reporter will reflect the situation to the Sanya City Fire Department, the relevant staff said, will be sent to verify, 3 days to reply.

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