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Children's inflatable castle is blown

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Children's inflatable castle is blown over the problem of child safety concerns cited

儿童充气城堡被狂风吹翻 儿童安全问题引担忧

Children's inflatable castle is blown over the problem of child safety concerns cited
In recent years, quirky style, nearly vertical slide and contains rich contents of children's inflatable castle becomes the children's love. However, during the golden week this year, Shanghai at achildren's inflatable castle was a gust of wind blowing, in which 13 children from above ground falls.The witness said, "this giant inflatable castle" or no safety rope firmly. The children play for childrenleisure inflatable castle, actually there is such security risks, the children caused by injured"murderer". Female news reporter recently visited Ji'nan at the children's inflatable castle, found thefacilities in addition to fixed simple measures, the sanitary situation is also worrying, safety supervision is blank.
Inflatable castle fixed only with stones
In October 5th, due to a gust of wind blowing, a Shanghai shaped like a dinosaur, two or three storey children's inflatable castle was "thrown" off the ground, playing children fell to the ground,one of them even from the equivalent of two floors where straight down. This one, immediately become the recent focus of attention.
Ji'nan local children's inflatable castle there are also hidden dangers? In October 6th, reporterscame to a pleasant goat shaped inflatable castle located in the city of a square, charges 10 yuan in the castle has a dozen height from 1 meters to 1.5 meters of all ages of children. The reporter saw,the inflatable castle is about 2 meters high, there is a slide from the top entertainment project, a sudden slip down, more exciting, also attracted many children. On the back, the reporter saw a "hair dryer", constantly to "supply", and the inflatable castle castle is not directly fixed on the ground, thenumber of large stones placed around, "Castle" is the rope fixed in stone. Due to the prohibition ofparents in their children, had to play in, and bumped into. No other protective measures like cushion on the ground outside the castle, if accidentally falling from the inflatable castle, maydirectly fall on the ground. Although the management personnel from time to time toward the castlein the shout, asked the children to play near the center, but there are still children do not listen to,in the outside playing.
Sterilizing facilities
In the search engine search bar, press enter "children's inflatable castle" search, found that manybusinesses selling the recreational facilities. Reporters and one seller conversation, asked the ground fixed method of inflatable castle, the seller said "do not need", "the wind is too big it willbleed, do not stand sure to close up." He added, cleaning is very simple, put a few drops of dew in the clean water and rub on the line.
The health status of the outdoor inflatable castle? The reporter asked a staff member of a square,"I remember that I had a cleaning." He said the specific situation to ask my boss. Then, the operator of the inflatable castle told reporters, once encountered rain, windy weather, they will be deflated,no longer in business, it will be disinfected every day.
6 pm in Ji'nan, it was getting dark, but at a Ji'nan train station near the square of the inflatable castle is still in business, the inflatable castle highest three storeys high, but only from the backfixed on the two poles. In addition, the reporter did not see in the castle with sterilization items.
Safety supervision is lacking
Shandong province Qianfo Hill Hospital Department of orthopedics director Li Xiaoguang said, the children play in the recreation facilities, because of the fall or collision cause fractures occur.Because the children's age, balance ability and self protection consciousness is not strong, so it is easy to fall. "Children's inflatable castle looks soft, has certain protective effect on child safety. But if the inflatable castle leak, it is easy for children to play in the fall." He suggested that parents with children playing in the children's recreation facilities, must take good care of the children.
According to the regulations, "amusement facilities safety management regulations" is applicable to the administrative area of high-altitude, high-speed and may endanger the safety of amusementfacilities design, production, sales, installation, operation and safety management. A person engaged in the safety inspection of special equipment and related staff told reporters, according tothe relevant provisions of China's "special equipment safety law" and other recreational facilities,management and related definitions, the inflatable castle belongs to a small children's entertainment facilities, does not belong to the high altitude, high speed amusement facilities, so it is not in the Quality Supervision Bureau around within the scope of regulation, supervision has become a difficult problem. "These children facilities should be managed by the use of operatingunits." The person suggested.

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