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Shanghai Disney park is the largest and most

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Shanghai Disney park is the largest and most complex projects in the world

The mayor held consultation meetings at the beginning of 11

Han Zheng met with Chairman Gadi Yash yesterday also met with Chairman Water Disney

Party secretary Han Zheng yesterday afternoon (September 9th) met with the director of the Shanghai international business consulting company chairman of the meeting, mayor Bainchairman Orit Gadiesh.

Han Zheng thanked Ms. Gadi Yash for many years to pay for the work of the Advisory Council of the heart, for her support of outstanding young talents to promote the Shanghai Advisory Council members overseas headquarters training project. Han Zheng said, this year's consultation meeting will be held in the 11 month, the theme is "to speed up the construction of China Shanghai free trade zone". The first anniversary of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, we are looking forward to hear the evaluation of the international business community, as well as the future development ofopinions and suggestions. We have commissioned an independent third party organization to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the free trade zone, hope from all sides high perspicacityhelp us to continue to deepen reform and innovation, and vigorously promote   the construction of China ASEAN Free Trade Area, to provide the first results can be generalized system, can be copied to the country at the same time, active in-depth planning FTA next development.

Gadi Yash said, very honored to serve as chairman of the meeting in advance consultation, manypositive work. Shanghai free trade zone has attracted attention of the international business community, so this year's consultation meeting will be paid more attention. Very much hope that thecomments and suggestions of members of the Advisory Council, can be cut from the perspective of enterprise, the next step in the development of Shanghai FTA play a positive role.

Yesterday afternoon, party secretary Han Zheng met with the chairman and chief executive Bob Egg Water Disney, a American.

Han Zheng said, in the joint efforts of both teams, the Shanghai Disney Park project is progressing smoothly, has entered a critical period of construction. We hope that this is one of the mostscientific, the most fashionable theme park, is the best quality of the project team, I believe the two sides will unite, cooperate closely, toward the established goal. Shanghai and Water Disney'scooperation is very broad, we have confidence in the results of cooperation.

Iger said, Shanghai Disneyland Disney world, is an exciting project, Water Disney is also the largest and most complex projects. At present, the cooperation between the two sides will progress smoothly, to ensure the quality of the project.

City leaders Ai Baojun attended the meeting.

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