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The children's playground is a hotbed of health

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The children's playground is a hotbed of health supervision blank or virus

Disinfection wave pool is a problem. A children's Park in Dongguan Nancheng a little girl playing with a ball.

Ball pool, slide, inflatable castle, these recreation facilities often let the children play this way.However, parents should pay attention to the children's playground, may also become a lot of virushotbed, cause hand foot and mouth disease and other infectious diseases.

Recently, Dongguan city health department is to organize special inspection of the city's playground for children health. The reporter learned that, due to the imperfect laws and regulations, children's playground hygiene supervision has been in blank. This time, Dongguan will be the city's indoorchildren's playground investigation, a comprehensive grasp of the base and health status.

No health regulatory standards laws and regulations

In recent years, Dongguan has some of the indoor children's playground, children's playground"crowded conditions, some bad ventilation, easy to cause the spread of respiratory infectious diseases. In addition, direct contact between children or by indirect contact with recreational facilities, increase the hand foot and mouth disease and other infectious  disease transmission risk."Dongguan city health supervision by the relevant responsible person said, the children's playground does exist high risk factors of infectious disease epidemic.

However, the reporter learned that the children's playground health supervision has been in blank.City Health Authority official explained, "indoor children's playground is a new thing in recent years,China's current public health laws and regulations, there is no relevant certification basis and healthregulatory standards."

The reporter understands, "Regulations" promulgated by the state public health management andthe implementation of "public health management regulations", the provisions of the 7 categories and 28 types of public places do not include children's playground, children's playground has not specified hygiene requirements, health management is the business of autonomous behavior.

Investigation to fully grasp the health status of the children's playground

"In order to reduce children's playground cluster of outbreaks of infectious diseases, health and family planning bureau to carry out special inspection of the city's children's playground and health work." Dongguan City Health Authority official said, the investigation of the city's indoor children's playground thoroughly, a comprehensive grasp of the base and health status.

This month special action, will focus on the establishment and implementation of sanitarydisinfection of indoor children's playground registration system, including disinfection ofenvironment, goods in locations and for practitioners of health knowledge propaganda and trainingetc..

City Health Supervision relevant responsible person also said that at present, the Institute has beenin accordance with the relevant hygiene standards, "wrote the children's playground environmentalhealth requirements" and "children's playground environment and items of preventive disinfectionmethod", the health management of children's playground guidance.

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Individual playground posted notices have been sterilized

4 pm yesterday, the reporter visited the city a number of Wanjiang, indoor children's playground. InWanjiang will square Goodwin supermarket children's playground, a little friend tried to enter theinflatable castle play, the staff quickly reminded, "take off your shoes to go". "The playground every day disinfection, only the staff did not one one disinfection records." The children's playground staff said.

The reporter interviewed found that most of the children's playground external publicity informationare not mentioned disinfection and other information. Only M A LL in Southern China Tianhedepartment the 3 floor of the children's playground, the reporter at the door to see "have beendisinfected, please rest assured that entered the billboard".

"We chose the playground will compare the value of any signs such as disinfection". In WanjiangCity Square Goodwin supermarket indoor children's playground with children's playground Chen believes that 100% disinfection should be impossible, playground facilities so much, the sea would not be one one single foreign disinfection. Some parents also said, "I know may be infectious diseases, however, also didn't want her son to stay at home all day, I will try to choose fewer peoplegoing to the playground."

Don't play with touching the nose, wash their hands

"Many infectious diseases are spread by hand to mouth in the playground, if a child is infected with the virus, bacteria, touch rides, contact the other kids, and coincides with the body resistance is poor, it is easy to be infected." Donghua hospital, director of pediatric clinical Schily said, alsoreceived many, to the playground after a sick child.

However, I also said, children's playground and kindergartens have similar characteristics of riskcommunication, "not" on the one hand, give up eating for fear of choking, "to do this the hygienicdisinfection can reduce the spread of the virus. In addition, parents should let the children develop good health habits."

A reminder, play in the playground, to remind the children try not to use the hand to touch the nose,rub your eyes, don't eat in the play. The end of the play, let the children to wash their hands with soap, mouthwash, replacement clothing etc.. In addition, during the epidemic, as little as possible tobring the child to public places, to avoid cross infection.

May occur mainly in respiratory tract and contact transmission of infectious disease

Recently, Dongguan city will organize the training, by the senior health supervisors to charge on thechildren's playground places possible kinds of infectious diseases, focusing on the method of preventive disinfection of indoor air conditioning, children's playground, ball pool, slide, toys,bathroom armrest environment and children's playground items.

The children's playground of infectious diseases that may occur mainly in respiratory tractinfectious diseases and infectious diseases spread by contact. Spread through air or droplets of infectious disease of influenza, measles, mumps, etc..

Through direct contact or indirect contact (through contact with bodily fluids,

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