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How to choose children's amusement equipment

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Choose children's amusement equipment first to look at the child's character, if it is a lively child, parents can choose the static amusement facilities, such as the desktop puzzle toys; if the children are more active, they can choose the amusement facilities such as naughty castle, slide, expansion and so on; children's children's paradise equipment is next to the age of children. Children under two years of age generally speak not clearly, walk unsteadily, without self protection consciousness, they can choose the toys, such as building blocks and pronunciation, and so on, so it will stimulate the children to speak; three to six years old children are more active, the hands and feet are not flexible, you can choose the slide, climbing, outdoor children park and other facilities; Six to twelve years old children can choose intelligent games, such as expanding parks, exploring facilities and so on.

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