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America man does the wife room filled with ocean

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America man does the wife room filled with ocean ball second playground


Roman shouted to his "friend" will be a marine ball into the truck be riotous with colour inside their houses, the house was filled with instant, into a "super amusement park".

According to foreign media reports, recently a America man for his wife opened a small joke, he willtake a few sacks of marine ball dumped into their own houses out, and installed a camera in the room, to record his wife to go home after the surprised reaction.

According to reports, came up with the idea of the practical joke man called Roman Attwood, he is a comedian. He recently while his wife go out to call his "associates" will be a marine ball into the truckbe riotous with colour inside their houses. The room was filled with instant, into a "super amusement park".

In addition, Luo Man also specially set up a camera in their own house, to capture his wife after coming home to see a room full of balls of surprise.

Recently the 3 minute spoof video is uploaded to the social network, and has attracted 1600000 views.

It is reported, this is not the first Roman spoof, earlier had his son, dressed as spider manappearance and pretending to throw the balcony, Romain uploaded to the network video attracted a total of more than 600000000 page views.

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