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China's first international import Fair

Sources:http://www.zktoytrading.com/news/38.html  Begintime:2018-11-08

On November 5, China's first International Import Expo officially opened. As visitors, we are excited, proud and excited.

 The exhibition is divided into service trade exhibition area, automobile exhibition area, intelligent and high-end equipment exhibition area, consumer electronics and household appliances exhibition area, clothing and apparel and consumer goods exhibition area, medical equipment and health care exhibition area. Food and agricultural products exhibition area.

 Next, I would like to introduce some highlights of this exhibition. First, the exhibition uses scientific and technological means to make the exhibition halls of various countries have distinct characteristics, and the simultaneous convening of economic and trade forums in import expositions is also the first initiative of China. Second, the exhibition released a series of new technologies, which greatly improved the science and technology content of the exhibition, and provided new enlightenment for the structural reform of China's supply side. 3. The exhibition attractions are consumer electronics and household appliances, clothing and apparel and daily consumption, food and agricultural products exhibition area, which attracts a lot of purchasing groups, and the negotiation of purchasing fairs is very lively.

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