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Children-centered Children's Paradise

Sources:http://www.zktoytrading.com/news/43.html  Begintime:2018-12-20

The Principle of Children's Paradise Construction is Children-oriented

The planning and design of children's playground should not only meet the needs of children's play, but also depend on the physical characteristics, psychological characteristics and environmental conditions of the park. Children's scale of activity, physical and mental characteristics are different from adults, so the layout of their activity space and game facilities should take serving children as the purpose, fully respect children's personality, follow children's autonomy, develop children's creativity in activities, and deal with the relationship between activity challenge and safety, private space and public space, dynamic space and static space. Create a place for conscientious children. In the renovation design, attention should be paid to children's gaze and body size when walking, running, climbing and crawling in game activities, and service facilities based on children's activity scale should be added.

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