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Local tyrant father package under the playground

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Local tyrant father package under the playground please 500 little friends for her birthday

      This morning, your circle of friends has not been such a tyrant father Shuabing?

He must Do capital, Hangzhou invited 500 children born in December, had a birthday and daughterlele.

Lele father said: December 26th is the 6 year old daughter Lele's birthday.

From her birth to now, they are rarely in the side. So this time, wanted to give her daughter a veryspecial birthday.

The detailed plan is this: invite Hangzhou 500 children born in December, in the day 26 to Docapital. We each bring a gift, in the exchange. All the kids in the capital of Do, can be free to play.

After dad left, Lele personal micro signal "leleba75", also posted a two-dimensional code, "happybirthday on the newspaper, the exchange of gifts" sign, can be added successfully.

The number of applicants has over 300

Contact Lele dad, he is WeChat on add friends, one morning, more than 300 people applied, notify the mobile phone ringing.

Lele father said, Alibaba resigned from three years ago, start doing Internet products, work long time.

Go out in the morning, her daughter in bed, come back at night, my daughter fell asleep again. In fact, December 18th is the daughter's birthday, last week. That day back home, has more than 9 points, my wife is very angry, said the whole family was he ignored.

My daughter is very intimate, cut a piece of cake, mother advised: "don't criticize my father, fatherwork very hard."

In order to prove that he really did not ignore her daughter Lele, Dad would like to make a birthday gift for my daughter. My daughter likes Cinderella, want to do a little princess, party become theprotagonist.

Do capital is the daughter of the place of love, it would have a party here, invited friends to participate in.

Her happy is broken, and we look forward to.

Let the heart become more flexible

Before her birthday, dad gave her what Lele happy, had to send a small dinosaur, Bobbi doll,Terracotta Army etc.. The event invited friends to attend, I hope everyone to get ready for the small gift, the scene to share with each other, have a collective birthday. Together to exchange, but also exercise communication ability.

Lele father said, time of three years ago, the normal work, on weekends with her daughter to go outto play, around the Tianmu Mountain, Mogan Mountain and Tonglu, Fuyang have been to. But the venture, time spent at work, wife and daughter are ignored a lot.

Think back, people are too busy, may lose a lot of treasure. This is the daughter had birthday, also hope that your heart becomes slower, more flexible.

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