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Wanda Wang Jianlin Disney didn't challenge

Sources:http://www.zktoytrading.com/news/7.html  Begintime:2017-03-18

Wanda Wang Jianlin Disney didn't challenge the Ma when the opponent

Wang Jianlin said, no Ma when competitors, but to compete with disney.

"I'm not Mascherano as my rival, he live in an ideal world, he ran online, I'm a little soil, I walk down the line. A second line of hundreds of thousands of kilometers, must be fast, I walk a little slower. To open a joke. But did not see Ma Yun as competitors, we are friends." Hongkong bell soon, hanxiu,Paradise movie global curtain, this month the headlines is not Wanda, not Wang Jianlin.

Compared to Alibaba, Wanda Commercial real estate listing on the road go more twists and turns,after ten years.

Mentioned the impact of Electronic Commerce on the line, Wang Jianlin is not evasive, but he could not identify a general said all industries are affected by the impact of bag consumption constitute only retail impact, the proportion of consumption accounted for only 1/3 of consumer goods in china.

To deal with the impact, Wanda began to put text brigade business complex, reduce theconsumption. Just this past weekend, Wanda in Wuhan has officially unveiled 5 years to build theChinese show and movie park two project for the first time, the total investment of 7000000000 yuan, is one of the world's largest cultural industry investment project. Among them, the inheritanceof culture and fusion China high-tech visitors as the acme of perfection.

Wang Jianlin pointed out: "Wanda 50000000000 investment in Guangzhou as a cultural tourism city, the purpose is to compete with disney. We have many Chinese people are superstitiousforeigners, the formation of thinking, think western what is good. I believe that someone is good, the Chinese people can do. Guangzhou after the completion of the project, in which two target peopleand income, (with Hongkong Disneyland) who do better. If we do better, we do not rule out simply toUSA development. Competition is inevitable, who can not be exclusive in an industry."

Although over 60, but Wang Jianlin thinks he is to retire in 2020, the international first-class enterprise is Wanda into his dream. Tomorrow is Wanda Commercial Real Estate in Hongkong theday, market confidence in Wang Jianlin and Wanda, finally have the opportunity to be reflected in the stock market.

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