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Playground equipment for children for the fish

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Playground equipment for children for the fish pond parents felt wrong

Children in the playground to catch small fish

"A small fish by children scratching, some not long dead." In November 29th, Zhao took the children to the District of Jinzhou, a children's playground, a catch fish inside the game to let Zhao was very   uncomfortable. The children took the fish from the pond in the net repeatedly picked up and down,some children even reach out to catch fish. A few times, some fish will die. Zhao believes that the establishment of such playground play project some wrong.

In November 30th, the reporter came to the amusement park. Not far away from the entrance, asMs. Zhao said there are two pools by children welcome. The reporter saw, including dozens of small fish in a pond in the water to be in the blues wandering, each to see someone of a net, fish flee.Swim fast escape, slowly swimming has become the child's booty. The reporter noted, some children use the net for fish, some of which are directly by hand to catch fish, fishing repeatedlyseveral times, have died fish float in the pool. "This fish is too cruel, and not a few small fish died."Parents Ms. Wang said. Many parents have said, such attractionsas is not conducive to the growth of children.

In this regard, a staff member said in the playground, pond fish each over a period of time, they willadd updates, to ensure children fishing. For parents, the views of the staff said, this is the meaning of the boss, she is only responsible for selling tickets. However, the staff said it would reflect the views of parents to the boss.

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